TechnoBridge is a neo-tech e-commerce payment processing provider with the head office in Riga, Latvia.

We offer payment processing & consulting services to eCommerce acquirers worldwide.

  • 01 - Vision

    The development of a payment processing ecosystem through delivery of higher industry standards and human-centric approach backed by tech innovations.

  • 02 - Mission

    Multiplying business opportunities to power your financial growth with the development of our payment processing ecosystem.

03 - Win-win strategy as a core principle

Our growth is the direct consequence of your success. Our fees don’t grow with your business.

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04 - Our core values
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    We’re agile both in our client services and in our internal business processes. The agile approach helps us stay effective and benefit from a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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    Fintech as a mindset

    All members of our team have profound expertise in both finances and technology. The synergy of these skills enables each employee to provide Technobridge’s services with the understanding of all sides of the deal.

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    Keeping a human face

    The ‘human face’ of TechnoBridge is represented by the user-centered interface of our back office software. But, first of all, it shows through business empathy in-built in our communication within the team and cooperation with clients.

05 - TechnoBridge faces

Core team

  • Svetlana


    Svetlana has more than 10 years of experience in operational work and management in the banking area, fintech and production companies. Passionate about innovation, both: fruitful thinking and action

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    Andrey has a unique experience in the IT field, having worked for more than 20 years in service stations in major players in the financial market. A flexible approach combined with strict performance criteria helps to stay efficient and benefit from a rapidly changing world.

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    IT as a lifestyle, always up to date with the latest IT trends, product developments and changes in the rules of payment systems. Moto: Any problem can be solved if you want to do it.

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